John Stolberg

Sales Leadership

John Stolberg is a catalyst for fusing technology with modern business methodologies. Never one to shy away from a good joke or some fun teasing, he fosters Signature’s continuous growth and development with a relationship-focused mindset and a mischievous grin.

John holds a B.A. from Boston College and has worked with Signature for over 24 years in roles including Business Development Manager, Strategist and Executive Branch Level Liaison. John credits his instincts and a never-ending curiosity and desire to understand people as his drivers in shaping and building Signature’s technology prowess.

John is a big fan of mentoring, another secret of Signature’s success, “I carry the impact of everyone I’ve partnered with in this company; each one has shaped my thinking.” He lists colleagues Henry Suarez, Brad Rosen, Jay Cohen, Mark Nussbaum, Geoff Gray and Pat Palmer among his greats.

John’s passion for learning from others goes home with him, too. He never tires of learning what makes people tic and how to connect with them. “My three daughters and wife are my greatest mentors. I learn something from them every day.”